Amboy Street Invests in Testmate, At-Home STI Testing with Rapid Results

Amboy Street Ventures is thrilled to announce its investment in Testmate, an at-home diagnostic test for STIs (gonorrhea, chlamydia) with immediate results.

Amboy Street Ventures Invests in Playground, Christina Aguilera’s Lubricant Brand

Amboy Street Ventures is excited to announce its latest investment in Playground, Christina Aguilera’s sexual wellness company.

NIH Reviewer’s Advice on Obtaining Federal Funding

As the ARPA-H Sprint for Women’s Health grant proposals are due on Monday, April 15th, this week NIH Scientific Reviewer, Carolyn Kreuzkamp, gives advice on how to have a successful proposal.

Biden’s Women’s Health Initiative: Grant Funding for Startups

If you are keeping up with Women’s Health news, you saw Biden’s recent commitment to improve funding, research and education in the sector. But what does it mean for Women’s Health startups and how can they access the allocated resources?

2023 Women’s Health M&A Overview

To conclude our “Top 10 Deals of 2023” blog series, we answer the question - “WHY DOES IT MATTER?”.

ASV Insights – Top 10 Deals of 2023: Dr. Reddy's Labs Acquires Women's Health Generic Prescription Portfolio

For our final deal of our Top 10 Deals of 2023 series, we look at a notable women's health acquisition in generic medicines. This deal proves pharmaceutical players’ appetite for women’s health products and bodes well for future innovation in the field.

ASV Insights – Top 10 Deals of 2023: CooperCompanies Acquires OBGYN Product Line from Cook Medical for $300M

This week we review the reproductive health and obstetrics landscape following CooperCompanies’ acquisition of Cook Medical’s OBGYN product line.

ASV Insights – Top 10 Deals of 2023: $425M Acquisition of Menopause CPG Company

This week we explore the acquisition of Bonafide Health, a significant deal in the Menopause space. This strategic move marks a pivotal shift, bringing much-needed attention to an often overlooked area of women’s health.

Amboy Street Ventures Joins Granata Bio’s $14M Series A

Amboy Street Ventures (ASV) is excited to announce its latest investment in Granata Bio.

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